Friday, October 3, 2014

Reflection Friday, October 3rd

Another successful week in Kindergarten!  I have two special projects I want to brag about.  One of our sight words a few weeks ago was the word "can".  My student teacher and I incorporated it into our weekly writing project.  We brainstormed a list of animals and students were asked to pick their favorite.  Then Mrs. Payez worked with them in hand-painting their animals while Mrs. Roush worked on writing their "I can make a _______." sentences.  They turned out awesome, way better than I expected.  Here are a few snapshots...


Cute, right?

The second project I want to brag about was our WV T-shirt contest.  The kids were asked to design and create a WV T-shirt using the colors blue and yellow, the letters W &V and some kind of design.

On Thursday, a fourth grade class came downstairs and voted for their favorites based on the listed criteria.  Our winners were.....

3rd place:  Taylor Randolph
2nd place:  Paxton Pomeroy
1st place:  Patrick Aucremanne
(I think our winners really enjoyed the mini trophies.)
We had a lot of other great WV activities this week, including learning about our state symbols & WV shaped puzzles.  And of course, we had our different Reading and Math centers this week too. 




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