Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday, November 17th

Last week we started checking out Library books, please read or have your child read parts of the book to you and record it in the yellow reading log. 

I also sent home an invitation to our Kindergarten Christmas program.  Please make arrangements to be a Bridgeport United Methodist Church on Tuesday, December 9th by 6:30; however, we have 69 students this year times 2 adults, that's 138 adults plus any grandparent or sibling, we're estimating 250 people attending this program, I suggest coming early!

When looking at my weekly pictures from last week, I noticed I'm not taking pictures of our morning centers, I swear we do Reading work too!  Our Math centers focused on before or after a given number and a Thanksgiving I-spy activity with counting and graphing.  We're adding addition to this activity this week.

We also worked on some pretty cool fall leaf patterns...not your typical patterns I noticed :).

Monday, November 10, 2014

Reflection Friday on Monday, November 10th

Another reflection posted on a Monday.  I see a theme running here, so sorry!  Last week was again, another busy week in Kindergarten, even with an extra day off! 

Please make sure to read the homework sheet this week,  returning Library books was added on our Library days.

I am noticing a trend with our DW3 time on Fridays.  The kiddos are selecting more "teachery" kind of activities to explore, like reading Junie B. chapter books, writing, playing school, or wanting to play with dice.  Hey, I'm all for that!  Here's some of the DW3 teachers in action.

On a late note, we had a FANTASTIC Halloween party! Thank you to Mrs. Pomeroy, Mrs. Randolph, 2 other moms I can't think of right now and anyone who donated snacks and treats. 

Annnnnnnnd, on a personal note, I did get married on November 1st!  Everything turned out so perfect, I can't put into words how special the night was for us, our families and our special friends.  Plus my husband and I were surprised on Friday afternoon with a mini-reception by the class!!  Here's a few pics of the wedding, our wedding getaway and our classroom surprise.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Reflection Friday, October 24th ( but it's really Monday!)

Sorry for a late Friday reflection, I as the teacher, was super busy this week!  A new style report card for the first 9 weeks of Kindergarten about did me in...not gonna lie! Plus with planning my wedding....yes, you read correctly, my wedding, didn't make focusing on work any easier.  Don't worry! We still had lots of learning and fun...with even more fun planned for next week (The Candy Corn Bandit is coming....shhhhh).

Here's a great Math center I recently purchased.  Finding pictures, counting and graphing...kinda like an I-spy type activity.

Very cool.  We also played a new counting game called, "Where's my jack-o-lantern's teeth?".  

But after we played this game, the students were responsible for recording their results as well as from a game we played last week. 

We also were faced with a new challenge last week...INSIDE RECESS...yuck!  Not being able to get outside is one of the hardest parts of our day.  Here's some of our choices of things to do during this time:

And of course on Fridays, we have our DW3 time, which everyone loves.  I had to laugh,  most of the class decided to play school!  Really? School?  And they were choosing to write!  Of course when I want students to write, doesn't happen as I would like,  but if I give the class the option to do whatever they want, they choose writing...go figure??!!

And yes, as I mentioned before, I am getting married this Saturday.  When I return on Wednesday, November 5th, I'll officially be Mrs. Boudreaux (pronounced in grow).  After being Miss Murphy for 17 years, I have mixed feelings about this name change!  We'll see how it goes....

Friday, October 17, 2014

Reflection Friday, October 17th

Another week in Kindergarten checked off our, what a doozie.  Great things happened in our classroom.  We read a Shared Reading story about pumpkins, wrote some pumpkin patch words we found around the classroom, played a pumpkin patch counting game and had a special visitor...Stonewall Jackson!  Make sure to keep reading to see our week in photos.

We did; however, have to take a few minutes on Thursday to review how to use our words when we want something or someone's attention and getting along with others.  One of the things we teach all day, every day is how to solve your own problems.  We have lots and lots of different strategies we teach the kids to use for different situations.  A favorite strategy of mine is social stories.  Social stories are simple stories explaining the exact behavior or tool you want a student to use in order to get what they want.  They're quick and easy to use!  Here's a link to some social stories if you feel like you could use them at home too.  It never hurts to prepare a child for expected behavior before a situation comes up.