Monday, November 10, 2014

Reflection Friday on Monday, November 10th

Another reflection posted on a Monday.  I see a theme running here, so sorry!  Last week was again, another busy week in Kindergarten, even with an extra day off! 

Please make sure to read the homework sheet this week,  returning Library books was added on our Library days.

I am noticing a trend with our DW3 time on Fridays.  The kiddos are selecting more "teachery" kind of activities to explore, like reading Junie B. chapter books, writing, playing school, or wanting to play with dice.  Hey, I'm all for that!  Here's some of the DW3 teachers in action.

On a late note, we had a FANTASTIC Halloween party! Thank you to Mrs. Pomeroy, Mrs. Randolph, 2 other moms I can't think of right now and anyone who donated snacks and treats. 

Annnnnnnnd, on a personal note, I did get married on November 1st!  Everything turned out so perfect, I can't put into words how special the night was for us, our families and our special friends.  Plus my husband and I were surprised on Friday afternoon with a mini-reception by the class!!  Here's a few pics of the wedding, our wedding getaway and our classroom surprise.

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