Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16th-20th

Beginning of the year Math testing begins this week.  Please practice rote counting, trying to get to 100 and number naming.

Upcoming Events
September 19th:  2 hour early dismissal for students
September 20th:  Colton H.'s Birthday
October 14th:  ISE/Parent Teacher Conference Day

Miss Murphy’s Kindergarten
Homework Sheet
September 16th-20th 
 Monday, September 16th:
1.  Have your child read the Ee book/sign in reading log.
2.  Have your child practice counting to 100.  If they don’t get very far, that’s ok, just have them count as far as they can, quickly.
Tuesday, September 17th:
1.  Have your child read the book My Book of Ee/sign in reading log.
2.  Practice naming the blue numbers in random order.
Wednesday, September 18th:
1.  TOMORROW is a 2 hour early dismissal day for students.
Thursday, September 19th:
1.  TOMORROW is our PE day, please dress in tennis shoes and socks, shorts or pants.
2.  TOMORROW is our WV Spirit Friday, please try to wear gold, blue or both J.

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