Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week of September 8th-12th

Miss Murphy’s Kindergarten Homework Sheet
September 8th-12th
Monday, September 8th:
1.   Using the blue numbers that were sent home today, have your child practice putting them in order.  Please keep these at home for future homework.
2.   Tomorrow is our PE day, please dress accordingly.
Tuesday, September 9th:
1.   Using the orange letters, have your child randomly name all uppercase and lowercase letters.
2.   Tomorrow is Picture Day!!
Wednesday, September 10th:
1.   Our second PE day is tomorrow (Thursday), please dress accordingly.
2.   Using the sound chart, have your child identify the sound each letter makes.
Thursday, September 11th:
1.   Your child brought home a baggie with books inside.  Please have your child read these books to you, pointing to all the words.  Record this in the yellow reading log.
2.   Turn in all fundraiser monies by Monday, September 15th.

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