Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9th-13th

Can't believe Christmas is so close!  In honor of this upcoming holiday, The Best "Kindergaren Kristmas" Program ever is scheduled for December 17th at 1:30.  I apologize for the 1:30 during the day time but it's the best time for us here at school when it comes to students attending.  We hope you can join us!

SNACKS are running out and we'll no longer be providing snacks from us after Christmas, I just can't afford the amount of snacks we have to pass out every afternoon.  Please try to provide a DAILY snack.  Thank you for understanding.

HOMEWORK for the week:
 Monday, December 9th:
1.  Have your child read My Book of Aa & I Like My/sign in reading log.
2.  Using the 100 chart, have your child point to and name random numbers.
3.  Check out our blog post for this week at:
Tuesday, December 10th:
1.  Have your child read the books from Monday if they weren’t in the folder last night.
2.  Have your child put the blue numbers 0-20 in order.
3.  Return your child’s library book for TOMORROW.
Wednesday, December 11th:
1.  Have your child read the book or books in the Ziploc baggie/sign in reading log and return both to school.
Thursday, December 12th:
1.  TOMORROW is our PE day, please dress in tennis shoes and socks, shorts or pants.

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