Friday, November 8, 2013

November 11th-15th

Kindergarten is so exciting right now!  Our hard work is paying off and we've been seeing so much progress!  We wrote a classroom story based on a book we read last week and it's getting published by a company into an actual hardback book.  The kids did such a great job!  I'm so excited to get back and show it to the class.  The best part other than how well the class did was the cost, it was FREE to make.  

Another "shout out" I need to make is to our WONDERFUL volunteers at our Halloween party.  To be quite honest, I was afraid when I looked at our party volunteer list, there was no one on it!  But I had some great parents step up and really made it a great afternoon for our class.  Special thanks go out to:  Mrs. Blackwood, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Ward, Melissa Benton and Audra Smith!! Our party never would have happened without you!

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