Sunday, October 6, 2013

October 7th-11th

October is such a fun time in Kindergarten!  We're having such a good year..I'm constantly smiling  :).


Quick Reminders:

1.  Any donations of Clorox wipes would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Audra, for you donations!!
2.  Your child needs a individual snack everyday.  Please remind your child if you packed a snack, that's their snack.  Some kids are not eating their own packed snack and wanting one of ours...which is fine but not everyday.  Thank you!
3.  Tennis shoes and socks....with this great weather, we're still going outside.  Not sure how long it's going to last, hopefully, forever!
4.  Light jackets...again with this crazy weather, we go outside early some days and it's still chilly.  A light jacket would be perfect.
5.  Lunch....lunch is a crazy time for Mrs. Payez.  Not only is she supervising our class, she's supervising 3 first grades with 25 students a piece.  She cannot get to the microwave to heat up or cook food.  Please be mindful of what you're sending...we don't have access to can openers either, so no canned food at lunch time.  Thank you for your understanding.

Miss Murphy’s Kindergten
Homework Sheet
October 7th-11th 

Monday,  October 7th:
1.  Homework may or may not be in your child’s folder on the correct day.  Please just look for the assignment the next evening.
2.  Donations of Clorox wipes would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks to all who donated snacks! 
3.  Ask about the artist, Vincent Van Gogh.  Try to ask for 3 pieces of information we learned.
Tuesday, October 8th:
1.   Ask about the Roll-a-Tooth Pumpkin Math game we’ve been playing.
Wednesday, October 9th:
1.  Have your child practice the letter sounds by randomly picking letters out of the red letter bag.
Thursday, October 10th:
1.  TOMORROW is our PE day, please dress in tennis shoes and socks, shorts or pants.

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