Monday, August 26, 2013

Week of August 26th-30th

Happy Monday!  Kindergarten is starting off without a hitch.  Here are a few reminders as we start a new week:

1.  Your child needs a daily snack. 
2.  Don't forget to return the towel we sent home on Friday to be washed.
3.  This Friday starts our West Virginia spirit Fridays!  Try to dress your child in gold, blue or both.  No biggie if you don't, it's just a super fun day to celebrate our state.
4.  The weekly homework sheet went home today.  Please make sure to look at it every night.  If you see a book that needs to be read listed and you don't see it in the folder yet, it should be coming home the day it's listed for homework.  If you see something listed on the homework sheet and it's not in the folder that day, it's more than likely my fault, it's probably something we just didn't get to finish.  Just look for it the next day, hopefully it'll be in your child's folder at some point.
5.  We would love any donations of Clorox wipes, tissues and boxes of individual snacks. 

Weekly Schedule
Now that Kindergarten is well under way, here's our weekly special classes schedule.
Monday and Tuesday:  11:45-12:25  Computer
Wednesday:  10:30  Library
Thursday:  11:55-12:35  Music
Friday:  9:00  PE*
*Miss Lechner is asking all girls to wear shorts or pants for PE days.
If you have an above average concern and you need to speak to me by telephone, these are the times to contact me.  Any day, Monday-Thursday during the above times are the only times I can be reached by calling.  Fridays I am collaborating with other teachers and cannot be reached by phone.  Please be aware this schedule and times will change at the beginning of the new semester in January.
Upcoming Events
September 2:  No School/Labor Day
September 11:  Individual Fall Picture Day
September 19:  2 Hour Early Dismissal
October 14:  No School for Students/ISE Day and Parent Teacher Conferences
October 22:  Report Cards for K-8 Students

My email is, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to email!

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